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At Koffler Boats we manufacture and sell the toughest-built aluminum boats on the market today in a variety of sizes and styles. Whether you are lake or river fishing by yourself or guiding a group of people on the ocean, Koffler’s can custom-build your boat to meet all your fishing, sporting, and professional needs.

Our specialties include: white water pram boats, Rocky Mt. Trout Boats, drift boats, sled boats with a jet or prop and with inboard or outboard power, offshore boats and landing craft models.

We take pride in building aluminum boats, trailers & boating accessories of the highest quality. We only use materials of the finest quality.

6061-T6, one of the strongest weldable aluminum alloys available, is used in both the sides and bottom of our White Water Prams, Rocky Mountain Trout Boats, and Drift Boats. Sled Boats, Offshore Boats & Landing Crafts are welded of 5086-H32 and 5052-H32 for maximum strength and durability.

For best possible quality and performance, our aluminum boats are continually being tested and improved.

Koffler Boats is a fully equipped aluminum and steel fabrication shop. When we are not building aluminum boats and boat trailers, Koffler Boats manufactures stall fronts, horse mangers, saddle racks and a variety of aluminum camp boxes, camp kitchens and horse packing equipment

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