Koffler Custom Built Power Boats

Koffler’s all-welded aluminum power boats come in a variety of styles, all of which can be customized to suit each individual’s needs. All power boat models are constructed with an extrusion joining the formed ribbed sides to the one-piece formed bottom. The extrusion is double welded on the interior of the boat, eliminating the need for exterior welds. The floor structure of all power boat models consists of 6-7 one piece longitudinal stringers formed to the shape of the hull. Only the finest marine grade aluminum alloys (5052-H32 and 5086-H32) are used in the construction of all Koffler power boats. Feel free to call us anytime with questions at 541.688.6093 or email us at contact@kofflerboats.com.

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Koffler Jet Drifter - Power Boat

Koffler Jet Drifter

Koffler Sled Boat - Power Boat

Koffler Sled Boat

The Koffler Special - Power Boat

The Koffler Special

Koffler's Bay-Bee Power Boat

Koffler’s Bay-Bee

Koffler's Offshore Bay-Bee Crusader

Offshore Crusader

Koffler's Offshore Bay-Bee Explorer

Offshore Explorer

Koffler's Landing Craft

Landing Craft

Koffler Boats Sea Dory - Power Boat

Koffler’s Sea Dory

Power Boat Trailers

Power Boat Trailers